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Courier freight
TOPWAY is one of the major handlers of international air freight from China

World-Link’s extensive international network combined WITH the recognition of major international airlines enables us to provide a comprehensive range of air freight services for importers and exporters.

Many of our client’s require air freight forwarding as their primary mode of shipment transportation, whether this be:

small packages 
Multiple skids 
Airline ULDs 
Main Deck Freighter cargoes 
Air Cargo Freighter Charters 
Air freight usually means its valuable, often perishable and always time sensitive. We have over 20 years experience in handling these shipments and we have therefore developed an operating culture built around handling many varieties of cargoes that must move quickly and reliably. Our operating culture is 24/7, not 9 to 5. Our clients know they can rely on us when their shipments need to move.

We have charter flight contracts & SPA agreements with lots of world famous cargo airlines, which forms into a world-wide route network and connecting network. That makes it possible for us to provide you with sufficient export spaces in all seasons. Experienced customer service can plan a “safety, quickly, and economy” route immediately, and will keep tracking your cargo with high efficiency all the time. Up to now, we have already shared win-win strategy with over 300 clients in the industry.

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